Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 2 - still on track

Is it sad to say still on track on day 2?
Oh well I'm still pleased that I've tracked everything for two days, had two cardio workouts in the two days and did yoga on both days.

Thanks to the wonderful Enz who suggested an iphone app to help with tracking that sort of stuff. I just have one questions which "Do it" is it? I searched for it and a few came up.

Strangely I've tracked food on the iphone app and my journal. It's just been automatic habit. I guess it's because I prefer to use my phone as a calculator as opposed to the calculator they sold at the meetings. As a result my phone has a lot of points information.

I went for a just under an hour walk today and I couldn't believe the number of people mowing lawns. I still have some snow in my backyard.

Other than laundry the only other thing I count as an accomplishment today was I used those new Sally Hansen nail strips on my toes.

There not exactly designed for toes more for fingernails but I think I did alright.

I'm not the type of girl to put this pattern on my fingernails but on toes no problem whatsoever.

So it will be an early night as I fly out tomorrow. Though I'm debating on staying up till I feel tired as opposed to trying to force myself to sleep. The forcing usually means tossing and turning.

I do have most of Monday pre tracked as I know what's for breakfast and lunch. So I'm on my way to day 3.

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday.


1 comment:

Enz said...

Hey there..the app name is actually

Do - Ver 1.3

I can't figure how to get a link from the app store ;( If you send me your email I'll send you a screen shot maybe that will help you locate it.