Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 3 -Still Going

Today is tracked and the journal is ready for tomorrow.

Typically it's day 3 that things fall apart lately so ta da I'm through day 3 now on to day 4.

I actually slept last night and only woke up once. That hasn't happened in awhile. The alarm still came awfully early. My attempt at napping on the plane was unsuccessful.

I decided to workout first and then eat dinner when I got back to camp. I had dinner planned out based on our camp kitchen's online menu.

My plan was a taco and salad. I tried spinach with salsa as my salad. Not to successful it's weird combo. I wound eating the tomatoes I put on top of the salad with the salsa.

The workout was 35 minutes of brisk walking with 6 min of jogging mixed in.

For the first time I attempted yoga in my camp room. It's a wee tight but I made it work. Normally I do two episodes of Namaste yoga, well the two warm ups, the two main parts and the one savasana. Tonight I did one episode I was knackered.

Happy I did the advance vote as I'm sure the polls were busy today.

Hope your Monday was awesome.


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