Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1/ it begins

Considering the world was apparently going to end today I guess it's optimistic to say "so it begins".

I bought 12 weeks of weigh in coupons today. Well I now have 13 as I just chose to pay the membership fee as it would cheaper than surrendering two coupons.

I slept in a bit this morning as I wanted to put as much time between dinner last night and weigh in as possible so I went to the 2nd meeting of the day to weigh in. I was up 2lbs. Which I was totally expecting. I didn't stay for the meeting as I don't get the same vibe from that meeting as the one earlier.

Dinner was the Irish Potato Boxty at the James Joyce Pub on 8th ave. Totally yummy and not point friendly at all. It was a potato pancake filled with beef and vegetable stew in a Guinness gravy. I had to have a Guinness with it of course. Before that I met my friend M  and R after work and we went to a place called Sociale. It's trendy but expensive. We had a couple of martinis and shared a cheese plate and meat plate. At $15 each they were disappointing. I don't know why we go there other than it's convenient.

I knew that I would face the consequences of that at weigh in. It doesn't matter today is my starting point. My focus was to start over today. Today is perfectly on track at 29 points exactly. The workout today was walking to and from weigh in which was 35min. I did a small gardening stint of going after all the dandelions on my front lawn. I dug those babies out.

My focus is on especially as it hit me while buying coupons I'm spending $15 a week on WW. Don't get me wrong it's worth the money but not if I treat it like my favourite charity and not work the program. I'm half debating writing weight goals on my arm in marker a la Jay on Biggest Loser. I need to keep my eye on the prize and my little Friday night coworker meet ups can still happen I just need to be more disciplined.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a picture of myself in my underwear and take measurements to track my progress. I had thought a bikini but I don't own any bikinis - not yet anyway. Well the underwear is bikini-ish I guess. I'm not so sure about posting that at this point anyway perhaps when I have progress to show. I'm not quite so brave as Bitch Cakes.

Also on the list for tomorrow is raking the front lawn before the rain starts.

When I got home on Thursday the gymboss was in my mail. Well two of them as I ordered two. I wanted one for home and one for site. I have yet to try it out but hope to tomorrow or at site on Monday. They're a lot smaller than I expected as the only place I've seen them is on other people's blogs. That's a good thing as I wondered how they would attach to your self. Not so different then a pedometer. I'm so excited to not to have to stare at my watch or the treadmill timer for intervals though.

I got a rather odd new inspiration today from a Victoria Secret commercial. It was bombshell summer.

Hope you had a great Saturday.


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Enz said...

I've had am my GymBoss a week, it's still sitting in its postal package. Lame or what?