Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 15 - Made it to Day 10

Alas I tracked up till day 10 and then fell off the tracking wagon.

On Tuesday I had to got a late meeting that I wasn't really expecting. I had asked the day before if my attendance was required but go the answer just after lunch on Tuesday. I was pretty tired by the time I got to dinner so my choices not so great and I forgot to track it.

Wednesday was crazy as I was accompanying a VIP in a series of meetings and then there was a fire drill and then I had to go do a benefits orientation. Thanks to the VIP being there so were a whack of pastry trays. I was snacking my way throught those.

Thursday I had the doctor's appointment at home. It went well. I was 171 according to their scale and while my doctor asked about exercise I didn't get any lectures. I did tell him this weight loss thing is probably my only major goal not completed. He did suggest seeing a dietician to see if maybe I have a low metabolic rate. I'm not sure about that. When I follow the plan I lose when I half heartedly follow the plan I see less results. I get home and proceed to graze through the evening.

It's ricidulous. I know better. I'm finishing off this week with weigh in on Saturday and then it's back to Day 1. The important thing is brushing yourself off and getting back up.

I will do this.

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Enz said...

A 10 day streak is awesome. You WILL do this.