Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 9 - I did something new today

I cleaned my eavestroughs, I have never done this all on my own before. Usually it's Dad and I'm holding the ladder. I'm o.k with heights, heck I take a plane two days a week but I have to admit it was a little freaky being up there.
After all the rain Calgary has had and I as I watched it not run down the downspouts I realized it had to be done. I did think of hiring someone but thought with the chance of a bit more rain this week to just do it myself.

I spent an hour hauling an aluminum ladder around my house (my ladder folds into a compact size so you can make it different shape). This ladder is a bit of a production as you have to unlock the joints to make it completely straight and it's not exactly light. I then climbed this ladder multiple times to haul out jumbles of pine needles and pine cones that were creating little dams. After all that I then had to origami the thing back into it's compact shape to put it in the shed.

I didn't stop there I also prepped all my flower beds (which are massive) by scraping off more pine needles and pine cones off and then turning all of the dirt over.  A mosquito chased me for that whole production but aha Deep Woods Off you can't touch me.

The one thing I did not do today is mow my lawn. It can be jungle lawn until next weekend. Heck it's good for the grass. I was pooped and didn't want to go through the production of starting the lawn mower after winter storage. Hopefully it does not rain next Friday (current forecast says showers) so I can mow it then. If all else fails it will happen at some point next weekend.

Tentatively scheduled for next Saturday is the arrival of the geraniums thanks to Dad.

My gym today was yard work. Now I've got laundry in the dryer and the only thing left to do is dishes and I'm done.

I've had 3 day weekends now since November and I still manage to leave everything to Sunday. Mind you there was a bit of running around this weekend.

I don't know if I'll be weighing in on Friday this week or Saturday. If my Dad does come in I'd rather plant everything when he arrives so the plants can be in their new homes and not have to interrupt the process with weigh in. This would mean for the 3rd week in a row I'm not following my routine. Alas c'est la vie.

Still a tracking fool and activity for two days in a row. Tomorrow it's a date with a treadmill at the camp gym.

It will be an early night as I'm on a plane to work in the morning.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and my American friends have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.


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debkhershberger said...

I loved being outside this weekend!! NO RAIN!! Fun exersize! What is in your green smoothie? Id love to try something new!! Thanks! Deb