Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to day 1 - moving on

I once again go out for dinner the night before weigh in, definitely not ideal but it's not going to stop me from going. If this becomes a pattern perhaps I need to switch my weigh in day.
Tomorrow I need to start a new weigh in book as my old one is full, I'm going to buy a new 3 month journal and I'm kind of happy it's aligned like that as it's a new start once again. I don't care if I see a gain tomorrow as I'll chip away at it.

I don't begrudge my restarts and it's a moment to refocus. I've been seeing a lot of 90 day programs like P90X and there are a few others. Heck half the exercise infomercials talk about changes in 90 days. The WW 3 month journal is technically 90 days.

I can keep it together for 90 days it can be done.

When I had my doctor's appointment I told him that I tend to freak out at 168lbs as I've always been the chubby girl and that's so apart of my identitiy. I don't know who the skinny me is.

He said "Get over it"

How true.

I watched BL again today and I noted some things that were said that struck a chord with me:

I'm living in the background of my life
This weight is a chain around my neck
If you want it, dream it - you can get it
Finish strong
You can do anything you put your mind to
Push forward
The outside is the product of what happens on the inside
Carebear to Athlete
Finish the goal, finish what you start
Get over it
Being numb is not the way to live
You are a force
I am not nothing

The majority of these came from Olivia, Hannah and Bob and all of them true.

The other thing I noticed was the song that was playing during the golf challenge it's One Republic's Moving On. I downloaded it immediately and have listened to it about 5 times today. "There ain't no other step than one foot right in front of the other".

I don't want to focus on the woulda, coulda, shoulda or think of my failures- I'm setting my sights on the future and getting back on track and committing for the next 90 days and that's one day at a time.

I must make my health a priority...period.

Hope you had a good Friday.


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Enz said...

Just catching up on blogs today and this came at the perfect time for me. I had what I thought was an awesome week followed by a 2.2 lb gain and a b*tch of a WW receptionist that I let get to me. I let all the hard work I've done become inconsequential because of what a scale said at a 5 second point in time. I've been tracking the last few days but once again, disappointed and my heart not in it. Today I need to get my determination back.