Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why do I never learn?

Hello my friends,
Yesterday I headed down to the lab to get my blood work done for my physical and my appointment was at 1:20pm. My name was called closer to 1pm and I was out of there and done before my actual appointment time. Sweet.

Before I left I got a text from my friend/co-worker M asking if I wanted to meet them for drinks after work. Of course Friday is my day off but I feel it's important to socialize with these people as I do work at a remote site. I'm conscious of being out of sight and out of mind so it's good to maintain relationships with co-workers I don't spend a whole lot of time with especially because as a whole we're a smaller team.

What I should have realized when I saw that the group grew by a few numbers as some co-workers from different departments came along that this would be a late night. I find the times it's a bigger group there's more interaction and time flies.

I got home at 3am. Duh, and nursed a hang over for most of today.

Of course when I went to bed last night this morning I didn't set my alarm. Yes, even in my poor state I had every intention of going to weigh in today. I woke up at 11am so that means I missed weigh in...crap.

I can't help thinking today of my university days when I could go out late and still have my wits about me in class the next day. I'm officially old I think.

I know it's completely self inflicted. What I should have done is meet them and have a drink and then take myself my home - especially the day before weigh in.  The one blessing is that I did have all day to pretty much relax and luckily still have Sunday before I need to get on a plane.  I know for a fact I'm not the only one suffering a bit today.

I'm tracking today though as Day one of my new streak begins today.  I have been very intrigued by the Ipad2 lately and realized that would be a pretty good reward for a weight goal.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cowgirl Warrior,

It happens sometimes. It sounds as if seeing your bigger group of coworkers/friends was worth it though. :)