Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3/90 - Keeping focused and a new toy

I did choose to go to work today but boy was it hard to get up especially as it was all rainy outside and I knew all my coworkers would be sleeping at that time.

It turns out more people came to site today then I realized so the day went well. I didn't get all the organizing I wanted to do done but there's still a whole week ahead.

At one point I was using a sharpie for something and then I decided to write a weigh goal on my arm a la Jay on Biggest Loser. Yup, that's my goal for Saturday which is ambitious as that would be a 5 pound loss. I do think part of my gain this week was thanks to TOM so it's possible. Last week was very snackapalooza. I would really like to jump past 168 which seems to be an issue for me.

I also tried the gymboss today. I started with it on vibrate but felt nothing so I switched to the beeping option. It's kind of neat that you can choose your number of beeps. I went with two.

Thanks to my having to start over and reprogram the thing while I was on the treadmill I wound up doing a 67min workout, for 12 of those minutes I jogged. I chose a 3:1 and could probably have done a 2:1 but I'm getting back into it so I want to do it right. Note to self, maybe check out all the bells and whistles before I'm on the treadmill.

I'm on my HP computer in my camp room so I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate the gymboss picture.

Tomorrow is the meeting till 7pm so I think I'll do pilates in my camp room and return to cardio on Wednesday.

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Monday!


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Enz said...

That's a brave idea!! I'd be worried people would constantly be asking me what it meant....

I do write my weekly goal and my next interim goal in my WW journal each day, down the side so I see it every time I open it. It's good reinforcement for me and makes me realise that every pound adds up eventually.

I still haven't opened that damn gymboss...maybe I should wait til you've mastered it and I can learn from you :)