Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 7/90 - The weather suits my mood

I got home yesterday evening to the pouring rain that Calgary has been experiencing all week. At site it has been in the plus 20s.
I was hungry but no mood to make an effort to make dinner so I had a bowl of cereal, then I had two turkey bites, and then 2 pieces of laughing cow, then an After 8 100 calorie bar and then two pieces of Velveeta you can see I more or less grazed through the evening. It could be hormone driven or more I don't have a plan for when I get home. I need a plan as I always get home tired on Thursdays.

When I go grocery shopping tomorrow I should pick up a few lean cuisines or smart ones to have on hand.

I still had weekly points to track the damage and I tracked it. I have 11 WP left. I stood on the scale this morning and it looks like I gained 2lbs since yesterday. Of course there could be a discripancy between my WW scale in my camp room and my WW scale in my home bathroom. Oh well weigh in tomorrow will tell. My 165 goal is not going to happen now I'm shooting for 167.

I'm still on plan, earned 24 AP this week and like I said have 11 WP left. Perhaps I'm not meant to use all my WP. I typically have good success if I use half.

Today I had the best intentions of going to the gym. I packed my gym bag and took it with me to the Aveda Academy to get my hair cut. I still got a wee soaked even though I had an umbrella. I even had a new gym bag.

It's the Hot Yoga Bag from Lululemon. I despise Hot Yoga but I liked the bag as it's a bit smaller and I like the shoulder strap. It fits what I need perfectly and it's light.

I also bought
The Define jacket in wren/denim, I can't find a decent picture and blogger seems to be having picture editing issues.

I always wear the same Roots yoga jacket at site so I thought I'd introduce something new that shows off my waist plus I think they're starting to think I have no other clothes.

I wasn't expecting my hair cut to take an hour and 45 minutes, it was a trim. Alas I did get a student being overseen by my regular stylist who's an educator so I guess I should be happy the student took their time. It only cost me $18.  I was hungry when I was done and I was suppposed to meet my friend for coffee but that was probably an hour earlier than that. That didn't happen and I didn't want to eat downtown plus I was feeling crampy so I just came home.

I'm not feeling like the after work drink today so I'm just staying home in my lounge pants and will clear off my pvr a bit.

I did watch the Biggest Loser finale when I got home last night. Olivia and Hannah look incredible. I'm so impressed with Deni, she has 8 kids and in her 50s. It just goes to show it's never too late to make a change.

To my dearest Enz, I tried to comment on you blog today but blogger was being evil. I too had a mess up on my weigh in card at WW. I didn't realize they also kept track of you outside of your tracker but they had been tracking my weight plus someone else's so it was a mess. They realized the mistake and flagged me down at a weigh in so we could straighten out. I often have math issues with the weigh in people so I always double check it afterwards. The gymboss is super user friendly no different than setting a digital watch. The 165 I wrote on my arm was covered by a jacket or long sleeve athletic shirt.

I hope you all have a great Friday, and tomorrow I bring tales from the scale.


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Anonymous said...

Whew! Time of month is nasty. Sometimes it is so fun to graze instead of cook. Enjoy your new gear!