Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Actually went to the gym today

Alright so this week I've been acting like I'm on vacation from WW.

I realize this needs to stop so I hit the gym tonight. I actually ventured into the co-ed gym for a change of scenery. This gym has windows. The smaller girl's gym next door has none.

I have 2 Gymboss(s) on the way to my house. One for home and one for work. As it would take time to get to me I also downloaded the app for now.

The app isn't great as it's way too easy to hit pause and it messes you up. I'm so looking forward to the real version.

I decided to resurrect my jog/ walk routine and omg it was hard. It's a little scary how fast you lose fitness if you don't keep it up. I was trying to figure out why I was so tired. Then I realized that window was hitting me with incredible heat. It's super warn up here and it's been an adjustment as it wasn't so long ago it was winter.

I lasted for half an hour. That's alright it's a start.

The other great thing about my new bigger room is there's more space for a yoga mat.

I watched a bit of Biggest Loser last night and heard some pretty inspiring comments so I'll watching it again with a note pad handy when I get home.

Hope your Wednesday was great.


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Jensters said...

Well done for getting back with just starting out on WW.