Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 11 - I am sore

Alright I definitely used some muscles yesterday. I was walking like I was 90 today.

The day itself went well. Slept terribly last night as I always do on Sunday.

However I did drum up enough energy to hit the treadmill after dinner. I did 3 rounds of 3:1 and then got bored so I switched to 9 more rounds of 2:1 and it felt great.

I will probably be more sore tomorrow but at least that means muscles are working.

I meant to bring my Reebok toning runners to work as my work indoor shoe but there was no room in my bag so perhaps next week.

Now watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition. I'm liking the part about following them for a year.

Not sure if I can stay awake long enough for Bachelorette ( my guilty pleasure) but it's recording on the pvr at home.

Late meeting tomorrow so it might be a rest day.

Hope your Monday was fabulous.


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Enz said...

Have a great week :)