Friday, May 06, 2011

Day 7 - Game play?

Hello my friends,
The week flew by as I can't believe I haven't blogged since Tuesday.

Let's see on Wednesday my activity was helping map out a 5K walk/ run route for a fun run/walk we're coordinating at site. It was so nice to be outside. This is normally quite difficult on a functional site as there are areas one shouldn't be walking. You're not supposed to be out there alone due to wildlife around. I was walking with two others and it was great. They told of potential plans to actually have some sort of trail for people to exercise outside..awesome.

Food is still a challenge this week, however I have tracked every single day and that's the good, bad and ugly.

Today I zipped downtown and the mall's renos are really coming together. I managed to just leave with what I planned and met my friend P for coffee. There's a new H&M in there that's actually organized. I can't stand the suburban ones as they always look chaotic.

I'm not interested in clothes shopping just yet.

One of my site co-workers has lost a significant amount of weight recently by focusing on healthy and working with a trainer. I was chatting with her boss (one of Wednesday day night walking buddies) and she was telling she thinks this person was inspired by a recent wedding to make some changes.

That got me thinking about my current rut. I think I've lost my inspiration. I haven't lost my dedication but I think you have an added oomph if you're inspired.

While in the mall today I noticed there was a new Sookie Stackhouse novel so when I came home I downloaded in on my Kobo. While on there I scanned the health/fitness e-books and I saw one called the Game On diet. I didn't download it but just read the premise on their website and it's about making the getting healthy thing a game. In other words earn points for good behaviour and lose points for bad behaviour. The premise involves teams.

I've said on here before I suck at challenges and I'm far better on my own but there's no reason I can't make a game for myself. I can be fairly competitive. I need to give this more thought but it might be a good way to be accountable and maybe something to do for the rest of May.

I'll keep you posted on where I go with that.

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping there isn't a down pour as thunder storms are forecasted.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday!!!


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Enz said...

I agree 100%. I have to keep finding new ways to keep my inspiration and interest going. Weight loss is pretty boring.

Right now my challenge is to finish C25K. Last year it was pedometer steps, increasing them week over week.

I've also done how many days in a row of regular exercise - challenging myself to beat my previous score.

This game is 99% mental, if we don't use what makes us tick, we'll never succeed.

Sounds like you're on the right track.