Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2/90 - I'm going to hurt tomorrow

I finally accomplished my mission of raking my front lawn and fertilizing it. It took 2 hours in total. Next up is the back lawn which is way bigger. I'm seriously debating on hiring someone for that task as it's monsterous to think about.

However as I was raking I realized I was doing strength training. Every time I put the rake in front of me was a lunge and when I pulled back a row and then repeat. When I cleaned up the dead grass it was squats. I was exhausted and very sweaty. I tracked it on my WW app as hoeing so that earned me 9 APs. It shows all the forms activity comes in.

I then played sprinkler olympics. I use a soaker hose style sprinkler as I find it more effectively waters as opposed to just throwing it in the air. However I also have many trees on my front lawn so to move the sprinkler is a bit of an adventure and a lot of running back and forth.

I tracked everything for day two and I used up 5 weekly points today as I was hungry today and what I planned didn't cut it. It's probably my gardening workout. I took my measurements but haven't done the photo yet I should do it today though.

It started to rain when I was going to move the sprinkler into the last spot so I turned it off and put it away. I'm hoping mother nature will take care of the rest of it. The forecast does say more rain tonight and then pretty much till Thursday.  So when I get home it will starting up the lawnmower after being stored all winter.

I'm feeling very positive about this week and am already thinking of the week ahead and more importantly potential pit falls like my meeting on Tuesday that goes till 7pm. The good thing about site is there is always pre cut veggies every morning so I can grab some of those as a snack when I need it.  This morning the scale said 169 so we're heading into the right direction.

I am a daily weigher and have no issues with that and I have an app on my phone to track it that counts down to my goal weight and shows me pounds to go.

I had for a moment thought I could catch Biggest Loser Finale on Tuesday and then realized I can't see the eastern coverage of the Biggest Loser finale due to my meeting and I'll either have to watch the MST version from 9-11pm, which will make me pretty tired all day Wednesday or suck it up and watch it when I get home. As I'm addicted to twitter I'll run into a spoiler at any rate. That's o.k. My favourite part is looking at the before and after.

I am going to work tomorrow as I can just bank tomorrow's Victoria Day and use it at another time. I suspect it will be pretty quiet so it's a good day to get sorted and clean out my inbox. I will definitely be using the gymboss tomorrow so I'll let you know what I think.

I'm just finishing off laundry and then it will be chill out time as I'll have a very early wake up alarm tomorrow.

I hope your Sunday was great.


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