Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has sprung?

It was +12 when I headed out for a walk today. It felt like a walking day so I did a few minutes under an hour and burned 447 calories. There's still blocks of snow out there that will take a few more days to melt but I could hear water running into the gutters all along my route. I checked the forecast and it looks like plus temperatures all's hoping it's here to stay.

Slept in today as it was a late night last night.

The game was good, a little slow at the start but I was so proud of Calgary last night. It was the last game of the season and even though our beloved Flames did not make it to the playoffs the arena was filled with Calgary Flames jerseys and definitely a sea of red. Quite a few Vancouver fans as well which made we wonder if that many Flames jerseys showed up at Canuck/Flames games in Vancouver.

We headed to the casino afterwards to wait it out for a cab and few hours of enjoyment on a slot machine.

Tracked everything diligently yesterday and repeated that today. Now I'm wondering what to have for dinner.

I must now go put clothes in the dryer and decide on dinner.

Hope your Sunday was awesome!


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