Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring cleaning

Happy Easter everyone,
I hope you are spending yours however you wanted to.

I spent it cleaning my house. I've been neglecting my housework duties along with my weight loss duties over the past few weeks. Hmm perhaps a correlation.

I've vacummed, mopped floors, dusted and numerous loads of laundry (clothes, bed sheets, towels etc). I'm waiting for the last load in the dryer and then I start steaming pillows, sofa pillows and comforters. It's been very cathartic. It's also my workout for the day as I'm continuously going up and down stairs. It's probably odd bevahior for a holiday but it had to happen this weekend.

Tracking day two is going very well. My Easter treat was a caramilk egg that I've had for weeks waiting for today. It's tracked and accounted for. I'm kind of proud of myself of saving it for today and not opening it earlier. I'm back to daily weighing as well. In my two week hiatus I avoided the scale and realize I am one of those people that like to weigh daily as I find it keeps me focused.

Still to do today is take out the garbage and pack for the conference I'm going to towards the end of the week. It will be weird taking a suitcase to site as I have it down to a backpack there and back. The good part is the suitcase is specifically conference so it can stay in my office and I don't have to lug it to my camp room.

I'll be up super early as I'm back to my normal routine of flying out Monday morning. This week will have a challenge as the conference is Wednesay and Thursday so I'll fly directly from work to Edmonton on Tuesday night.

From Tuesday night to Thursday lunch I'll be at the mercy of restaurants for dinner two nights and then breakast and lunch at the conference for two days. Wednesday night will be dinner with a few colleagues who will also be at the conference at a restaurant called Moriarty's. I'm assuming named after the character in Sherlock Holmes. Happily there's a menu online and I've looked it over. There are definitely healthier options. Tuesday night I'm hoping for a food court and a perhaps a Subway.

The bonus is it's an HR conference so gobs of women which will probably mean some ligher fare options. I can't remember what they served when it was in Calgary last year. I will keep it together there will be no repeat of the foodapalooza of last week. I plan to make good use of the hotel gym.

I will be hitting the camp gym tomorrow night.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday.



Enz said...

Here's to us both having a great week!!!!

carla said...

me too.

soooo rejuvenating.