Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random thoughts in meetings

For the last two days I've been in all day meetings with events happening afterwards as well. So it was good food, trapped in a room and no gym.

In fact I haven't been to the gym all week. I'm definitely out of my routine.

In these two day meetings we were discussing lessons learned from one project before we get full swing into the next project. As these discussions progressed I thought how a few of the points brought up could directly apply to my journey and my difficulties lately.

Right decision maker identified - Me vs the food cravings
Right tools and resouces - Meal plan, track, exercise plan
Communication - track, blog, fill out my journal
Accountability - stop goofing around and put your money where your mouth is
Documentation - again tracking, talking about positive behaviours on the blog
Integrated schedule - workouts a priority not an after thought.

For the past week I have totally thrown the plan out the window. I've identified that emotional eating is my primary battle. I was a textbook case this week.  I downloaded a book about emotional eating on my Kobo. I'm not too far in to it yet.

I've been ignoring a whack of stress lately that's been building for sometime and it was making itself known in my behaviour. So instead of working on it I've opted to make stupid decisions food wise and not moving my patootie. Then my eating and lack of activity causes even more stress because I'm disappointed in myself.

Ingredients for one heck of a viscious circle I must say.

Tomorrow I will sleep in, go vote and then off to the gym. I will meal plan for the next 3 days and make a workout plan that is sustainable for next week which includes going to a conference on Wednesday and Thursday (there's a gym in the hotel). This weekend I will organize my kitchen and do a sweep of anything that's not on plan that's sneaked back in.

I normally carry my 10% key chain with my 25lb and clapping hand charms on my actual keys. I took it off to carry it seperately as a better anchor.

Tomorrow is one day before weigh in. I will make sure to set the alarm for Saturday as I'm going to weigh in no matter what. I need my meeting. I know I'll see a gain but that is the consequence of my actions. I know how I got there and how to fix it. I'll keep reading the book and do the exercises and work on my self control and finding a better way in dealing with my emotions as opposed to eating them.

It's a slip not a disaster.


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