Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting back on the wagon can be difficult

Lately I start my week with incredibly good intentions and then it falls apart. It hasn't always been this way but I'm finding it difficult to get back into the game.

My two days in Edmonton were good. Tuesday night I was a bit tired as I was going off of barely sleeping Sunday night into work on Monday, sleeping so so in my camp room on Monday night. I did some racing around downtown Edmonton to get my registration pack.

I went to bed a little early Tuesday so no gym. Wednesday was full conference day and then dinner out.

I didn't go to the hotel gym once. So my gym clothes just got a nice little undisturbed trip to Edmonton and back.

The conference it self had some great moments and some disappointing moments probably typical of all conferences.

Got home yesterday later than expected due to snow in Calgary so my flight was a wee delayed. When we landed there wasn't any snow but it's snowing this morning.

I find myself back to old habits exactly like I did the last time I got closer to the 168 mark.

I know this can't continue if I want to hit my goal. I need to do some more soul searching to get myself together. I should start by changing out of my pjs and going to the gym.

I did move my vision board last night. I had started this awhile ago and it was always behind my bedroom door. I've accomplished a few things on it but it's not completed. I want to make the focus more on health now and I've moved it to a location that I see everytime I walk into my bedroom. So I'll see it when I get ready in the morning and when I got to bed a night.

I pvr'd the Royal Wedding and watched it when I got up. So much better this way. I could skip through the boring bits (idle chit chat of the commentators) and just focus on the wedding and the kiss on the balcony (two kisses!). I got teary as I always cry at romantic moments. I think they are such a cute couple and Kate's dress (by Sarah Burton - I was right!) was so incredibly gorgeous and she looked fantastic.

I'm not giving up on my goals I'm just having a moment. The other thing I'm coming to realize is that this is just not the push to goal but a commitment to living a healthy life forever.

My super star self will be back and more focused then ever...very soon.

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