Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's melting.....

The mega snow has finally stopped and it's actually pretty nice outside if you don't look at the ground. The weather will stay warm this week which means fast melting and a mess. I feel for those who are at a risk of flooding.

My snow removal people came and what I guess is a 17 year old (by the looks of him) did a so so job of clearing my sidewalk. Mind you a whack of it had melted but he missed about 6 inches on the side of my steps so I went out and cleared that up and then dug a trench along the sidewalk.  The way they left the primary sidewalk the road would be melting on to my sidewalk. I also shovelled the side path (which they don't do as a part of their service) for the mailman and my neighbour to collect my mail while I'm gone. I have a little OCD when it comes to shovelling sidewalks. Sometimes these guys have been great and sometimes a little meh. So my friends at Canada Yard Pro not so so sure I'm going to go with you next winter.

I also went into the backyard and dug a path to my back gate so I could take out the garbage. That was a workout my friends as this is fairly wet snow which makes it far more heavy. My shovel was picking up blocks of snow. That was my workout for today.

I saw that we in Canada can finally see Jackie Warner's Thintervention as I accidentally caught on the W network. Not sure if it aired on any other Canadian channel. I so miss the paper copy of TV Guide. In Canada they stopped printing it ages ago. I find shows by random now.

I'm liking the shows that don't make weightloss a competition. I'll always heart BL but Heavy and this show bring another element. I find a lot of inspiration with people on Heavy as you get more of a glimpse of what's lead them to where they are. While BL has so many contestants you don't quite get that much. On Thinervention I'm not so sure there's anyone to relate to necessarily as the personalities are rather interesting of the 8 people on the show. I have Jackie Warner's book "This is why your fat" on my Kobo. I'm working my way through it, not sure if I'll adopt it as a I guide but I love information on weight loss and fitness in general.

Remember those Girl Guide cookies I was telling you about how I could keep them and not be tempted. Who was I kidding? I dove into one box yesterday came to my senses before the whole box was gone and then tossed it plus the closed box in the trash. Drastic? Maybe, but I wasn't going to take them to work and I don't need cookies in my house. As my friend T so eloquently put it "food of the devil sold by angels". I'm happy to part with the money as I was a Girl Guide once and enjoyed the experience but I don't need the cookies. To be honest as I proceeded to eat 6 of them I didn't think they were all that good either. My trigger was feeling a little bored and lonely...a dangerous combo.

Today is going far better as I try again at the 7 day chip. One thing I did do is I tracked all the damage. I'm re-evaluating my goal. My goal is stay on plan this week. That means tracking, focusing on healthy and drinking my water. One of the things I really like about Weight Watchers is everything in moderation. I'm 34.8lbs down from the very first day I walked into WW. For me the program works so it's just going back to basics. So my goal of tracking everyday this week is still on point. My operation butterfly is in full gear.

Now I need to get sorted for work. The plan is to be in bed by 7pm and read till I fall asleep. My alarm will be going off at 3:30am.

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday.


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