Thursday, April 07, 2011

Let the weekend begin

Hello my friends,

My week is now done and I start my weekend.

Time has flown this week. Of course I already told you I re-acquainted myself with the treadmill on Monday.

Tuesday I got distracted by Biggest Loser. I found the twitter conversations about this quite interesting. Some people wrote on how Kaylee doesn't seem to be part of the girl team. Which made me think..she was on the red team. The girl team was created on the black team.

Other tweets about how Jillian and Bob are better than the other trainers. I think that's just stupid. For one thing Jillian and Bob have had 11 seasons of this show. I think Brett and Cara did a great job and introduced a little something new. Jillian is leaving after this season. There are plenty of trainers out there who do great jobs for their clients.

Wednesday I hit the treadmill again and wound up jogging for 5 min non stop as I playing with a program on the treadmill. I then got back to my room and watched Breaking In. I thought it was funny.

I never had eggs for breakfast this week as quite often there's a line for the hot food. Never a line for the hot cereal. I was taking the 5:45am bus all week and the kitchen opens at 5:30 well sometimes 5:15 so I'm kind of squeezed for time.

Two times this week due to a little bit of snacking well more like inhaling half a bag of trail mix I just grabbed something from the pack lunch kitchen for dinner. That day it was a banana. Last night due to some cookies in a meeting I had a piece of raisin toast.

My tracking has been deplorable but I've been keeping an eye on the scale. I would say 80% of the time eating well.

I've been quite zonked at the end of the day so blogging was put aside for sleep.

Not sure why I haven't been tracking so great. I'm wondering if I should go back to the paper journal as it can sit on my desk as a constant reminder as opposed to remembering to log in to e-tools.

Tomorrow I must be up early for my annual skin check, then I'll pop into the grocery store to just pick a few things and come to make it to Iron Reps. After that it's off to help a friend move in to her condo.

Saturday is weigh in and then a hockey game later on. I'm a bit bummed about the hockey game as my Flames didn't make the playoffs so it will be watching their final game of the season. I guess I'm now rooting for Vancouver when the playoffs begin.

Hope your week went well and I'll talk to you tomorrow.



SANRDJ said...

I enjoy reading your blog!

and have to add GO CANUCKS!!!

:) Have a good day.

Enz said...

When I first rejoined WW in December I used the iPhone app ALL THE TIME. I was in love with it...but in all honesty, I am much more consistent with my little 3 month tracking journal (in its colourful WW cover!) and my favourite pen. I still use the app to calculate points or look up foods, and to track my weight cause I love the graph, but not for tracking food.