Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zonked and maybe a little bored

I haven't been to the gym all week. In fact my last working out on purpose was Sunday. I've just been zonked at the end of the day and felt more like eating dinner and then reading till I fell asleep. Eating wise has been alright, not perfect really but not horrible either.

I will be going to the gym on Friday though as my soreness from the last Iron Reps class seems to have lasted for a shorter period of time. So I'm looking forward to going again. In fact I'm kind of looking forward to exploring more classes next week as I'll be home to try them. I want to go to Zumba on Saturday too.  I think I need better workout plans for site. Hitting the treadmill or spin bike is starting to get a little boring. Well that's when I can actually get a treadmill as they're in high demand.

I did downloaded another book on my Kobo called "You are your own gym". I figured this might give me some ideas for exercises I can do in my camp room as our gyms are often kind of full.

What I need to do when I get home tomorrow or Friday morning is meal plan. It might not be a bad idea to dig out the slow cooker and maybe make some veggie chili. Perhaps some sort of casserole as well so I'm more prepared for the week.

My focus just took a little mini-break as it needed a wee rest. Now it's gang busters till goal.


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