Saturday, April 09, 2011

Going back to what worked

Hello my friends,

Yesterday was a rather long day with all the stuff I had lined up. Skin check went well and next year's appointment is booked. Zipped into the grocery store afterwards and grabbed a couple of things.

Got home had a little rest and then walked to the gym and got on the treadmill for 45min. After that I went to the 45min Iron Reps and upped the weight a bit. Wowsers am I feeling that today.

597 calories burned during the walk and the treadmill
352 calories burned during the iron reps

Then it was off for a spot of a lunch at a new coffee shop on 17th ave called Waves. It's a cute place with loads of seating and a boardroom you can rent. The girl at the till lacked a little customer service as she was easily distracted but other than that a I'd go there again.

Then it was off to help M unpack in her new condo. Stayed a bit longer than I had anticipated and enjoyed the pizza dinner (domino cracker crust). Probably not the best idea the day before weigh after 7:30pm.

Today I weighed in at the 2nd meeting as I opted to try to keep my usual hours before last food intake and weigh in. I was down .6, which is cool. I had an  all over the place week so the results refleceted that but it's a loss. I didn't stay for the meeting as I was starving.

I picked up a 3-month journal, thanks to Enz for the her comment. I think I'll try that as well use all my electronic tools to look up info but track on paper. I then headed to MacDonald's for breakfast as I needed to eat.

I am treating today as a treat day. I did this back in the day of first joining WW and had some success with that as it kept we focused for the rest of the week. I'm tracking it though as that's key.

So simple goals for this week:
  • Track everything
  • Focus on activity at least 5 days this week (30min minimum)
  • 2L of water per day minimum
  • Take my vitamins
Yikes, 4 goals for the week but they're relatively simple and really the basics of WW.

Tonight is shaping up to be dinner at Ed's on 17th. I've walked this place probably hundreds of times and never eaten there. Quite looking forward to that as it's a Calgary landmark. Then it's off to hockey game and it's a late game. I might have a nap today.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 11C so I'm planning to take my walk/jog outside for the first time...

I'll keep you posted. Hope your Saturday is fantastic.



Enz said...

I really want to try C25K again but our weather won't co operate. I refuse to spend more time outside than is absolutely necessary when its less than 0!! Today is beautiful though, so I'm going to do a modified week 1, day 1 and walk 5 minutes, run 1 minute x 5. I might wait til it's dark though, I am not sure Hamilton is ready to see me running !

Amberly said...

Nice post! I just started following your blog. I like the idea of going back to the basics. Something that I definitely think I will try.