Friday, July 02, 2010


Otherwise known as boredom, weariness or listlessness. This what I felt like today, perhaps due to the primarily overcast day. I have a to do list and nothing appealed to me. I straightened up but never quite made it to dusting or the vacuum.

I watched daytime tv and read magazines. I then decided to go try the Zumba class at Spa Lady. The class was scheduled for 5:15pm. I walked there to find that there was no class today. I wound up on the treadmill but today I stayed at the same speed 4 mph and played with incline every 5 minutes. With the walk there and back plus the treadmill 636 calories burned. I had the polar heart rate monitor with me so no tracking distance today.

Despite my ennui food has been on track I did not fall into any bad snacking behaviour.

I caught an episode of Tyra where she was talking about Fiercly Real people in other words not focusing on super skinny models. Everyone in the audience was wearing their size on a button that was attached to their shirt. I'm all about embracing yourself and believing in yourself but I'd say a good chunk of this audience was morbidly obese. Obesity is on the rise in North America so do we focus on encouraging people to be healthier or do we focus on being "fiercly real" even if it puts are health at risk? I know that's a wild and crazy topic and ultimately it's the individuals decision. Can't we be both i.e. focus on getting healthy and loving ourselves every step of the way in the good times and the bad? Is that crazy?

In my own weight loss goals there's a vanity factor but what the far bigger factor is I want to be healthy. I don't want diabetes, or some disease I could have prevented by taking better care of myself. I have no desire to be size 2, I have no idea what size I'll be when I hit goal but my goal is based on bmi not a clothing size.

On that note weigh in looms tomorrow and I'm fairly certain I'll see a loss probably not 2lbs but only tomorrow will tell. Next goal is 168.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday.


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