Wednesday, July 07, 2010


That's how many calories I burned tonight.

I worked late today as I needed to get somethings done before tomorrow and we have short week again due to having Friday off.

I got home had dinner while watching my pvr'd Losing It with Jillian Michaels. I looked at the clock and it said 7:04 then I realized Spa Lady had Zumba tonight at 7:35pm. This launched a rather frantic changing into workout clothes and a 5 minute search for my locker lock. It takes me about 20min to walk to Spa Lady so I booted it and even ran a block and half. I got there just in time.

I started the heart rate monitor about 15 feet from my front door as I wanted to track the walk back and forth as well.

OMG it was really fun and it is a workout. You get a good sweat on I tell ya. The hour zipped by well we went over because we had to do the line dance twice. There must have been 50 women in the class. There were all shapes and sizes plus varying levels of zumba expertise. I was not alone in messing up some of the moves.

1:45:53/ 888 calories burned/ HR 184-149.

There's another class on Friday and I'm going, heck I might do the Saturday one as well. It's a nice change to just walking around my neighbourhood.

I've decided to go to Trail Applicances to get my laundry situation fixed. They have gas fitters that they use and they will coordinate the whole schmozzle of disconnecting the old one, hauling it away and connecting the new one. I probably won't have it in place before I go to my Dad's for a week but at least it will be taken care of. I'm going to pop down and Friday.

I hope you had a great Wednesday.


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