Saturday, July 10, 2010

History repeating

Well as I expected I did see a gain today 1.8 to be exact which puts me right back at the same weight of the week before last.

I'm disappointed with myself as my food behaviour was ridiculous and I stopped tracking on Sunday. It's not that I ate badly everyday but my good decisions were sketchy. I am proud of myself in terms of exercise I still earned 25 Aps this week so I didn't throw that out the window.

This time will not be like last time. The last time I hit the 160s I went back to the 170s the following week but I never got back to the 160s.

Today is the beginning of a new week and it's 1 month to Vegas.

Goals this week:
Track everything!
2L of water minimum per day (that fell apart last week too)
Focus on whole food
Exercise daily
Get back into the 160s at next weigh in

I did go to the Zumba class yesterday as I thought exercise in air conditioning would be nice. This was a different instructor and she was quite fun. She opened the session by saying "everyone ready to burn 1000 calories in the next hour". Well I burned 597 and that included the walk there and back.

I think the 1000 calories comes in when you know what you're doing and can completely throw yourself into the moves. For me it's definitely all over the map in terms of excursion. When I know what I'm doing fabulous but when you're trying to figure it out your definitely going a little slower. The more I go the more I'll get it.

My one challenge this week is a Stampede party on Wednesday. Well Wednesday all together I guess. My group is hosting a stampede breakfast and then a whack of us are going to concert at Fort Calgary that starts at 3pm. A few of my work friends have been talking about it being a bit of a booze fest.

I will have fun but I'm 100% committed to reaching my goal so I'm not going to let this derail me and more importantly I'm not going to let peer pressure derail me. I will have a drink and a whack of water.

I've already told my Dad that I'm committed to this and won't be eating junk at his house. I'm

I should head downtown today to buy new jeans, I can take off all my existing pairs without undoing them. We'll see how the day goes that might be put off until tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday.


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