Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Things and New Toys

Hello my friends,
Got home late last night and was too zonked to blog. However I have cute new hair and a new toy:

It was time to upgrade my cell phone so I wandered over to Rogers as I had time to kill before my hair appointment at Aveda. I asked about upgrading to an Iphone. The sales guy asked me if it was Iphone 4 I wanted and I said no. I've heard way too many bad things about the newest version plus I was sort of hoping the 3GS might be reduced because of the new launch. I was right and got a 32gb version for a super decent price. Of course I've spent a lot moments since playing with it. I have the advantage of owning a Ipod touch (which is dying) so the functions are super similar. I downloaded a app that calculates WW points though it's not sanctioned by WW.

Speaking WW, they just launched the monthly pass in Canada. It's gets you unlimited meetings and the use of E-Tools. I think it said $11.95 a week, of course it's not available in Alberta because the people who own the franchise here are no fun whatsoever. They didn't participate in the 5K walk awhile back and we often don't get things that are available at other meetings in North America. Oh well, one needs to make do with what they have.

I know I said on the weekend that I was going to pick up my parcel but I had to sort out how to do 2 loads of laundry with no dryer. Luckily it was nice last weekend so the first load went outside on the drying racks that sure speeds up the process. I had to email the Trail Appliance guy the other day and he told me my dryer might be arriving in their warehouse on Aug 1. So maybe just maybe I'll have my new washer and dryer sometime next week.

I picked up the parcel today and now have this. I bought a zucchini on the way home to make zucchini spaghetti for dinner tomorrow.

Tonight's dinner was some Bush's baked beans which are now available in Canada. I saw it first in the Sobey's in Sundre (pop. 2500) but I did notice today Safeway had a few different versions. It was quite yummy and the nutritional info is friendlier than the some of the other versions.

I was playing around with the camera on the iphone and took a picture of my lunch. This is one of my go to fast food lunches. Small chili 4pts, Garden Salad 0pts and the entire pack of dressing is 2pts but I don't use the whole pack. I put it in the lid of the salad container and dip my fork. The salad now comes with croutons. I didn't put them on the salad but they wound up being my snack as I had to work late today. I get the feeling this new phone will cause me to take more pictures and post them.

Do those Tetley Infusion commercials drive anyone else bonkers? I bought a box when they first came out the blueberry version to be specific. What that commercial doesn't mention is that there's two servings in that pouch and no way to seal the pouch. The NI on my pack is 50 cal for one serving, so that's 100 calories for the pack. Naturally sweetened they say and the first ingredient is raw cane sugar. No artifical flavours they say and the blueberry juice is from concentrate I don't call that natural.
I'm sorry but the Nestea Ice Tea "powder" is 5 calories and one pack flavours a 1L of water just fine and counts as 0pts.

On the weight loss front still having an issue with tracking and I was thinking about picking up a new journal on Saturday to start fresh. I find a reset always helps me. I did walk home from post office and I was wearing my Reebok Easytones, I'll admit I do a feel a bit of a difference when I wear those but my toes do get a wee numb and I think that has to do with them being elevated in this shoe. One of these days I'll do an experiment and do a 5K walk in Easytones and my Mizunos and compare the calories burned

You must wander over to Ms Bitch Cakes blog because she hit goal the other day. I find her super inspiring because she's fought the battles to get to goal. Not only does she look phenomenal her positive attitude just radiates from her blog. I true inpiration that girl is.

If you're having a tough time right now I hope you find your re-set/ re-start button and take inspiration from Ms Bitch Cakes as the end goal is entirely achievable.


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