Friday, July 09, 2010

They're pretty

I'm the proud new owner of these babies (in graphite steel), went a little over budget because I forgot about delivery charge and taxes  (duh!)  in my original number but they were on sale and I got a great deal. In the end I was on budget. I'll probably need to memorize the manual before I turn either of them on. As I need a gas gryer it's a 2-4 week wait for that but that's o.k. I'm fairly sure I can't use my current laundry detergent in this thing so my Dad just scored extra laundry detergent.

I wound up with a steam dryer even though that wasn't my intention walking in but I am liking the idea that I can throw pillows and comforters into this. I'm totally geeked about the washer sensing what water level is needed.
I pretty much wound up with a may fancier model then I intended but I've heard nothing but good things about LG. The funny part I have a picture of these on my vision board (but red). It's funny how things work out.

The only moment of panic was when the sales guy told me I needed a 220V plug in. That would have complicated my life as I would need an electrician to install that but I got home and looked up the specs and realized he was wrong. The floor model was an electric version so I think he got confused. He apologized and I forgave. Figuring that out made me happy as now I don't need to hire an electrician and a gas fitter.  

I get the sneaking suspicion I might get excited about laundry in the near future.

I slept in until about 6:30am and then I got a strange organization bug. I have a desk in my bedroom that I've had since I was little and it's now more of a vanity but also a collector of stuff in all the drawers.

This morning while watching the news I went through all the drawers and culled the random stuff collected. Two garbage bags worth of trinkets, baubles and stuff came out of there. Then I sorted my papers that need shredding. Then I went and bought the washer and dryer. A highly productive day I must say.

I sort of watched the stampede parade on and off and didn't make pancakes as I thought I still want to be well behaved today for weigh in tomorrow. I think I'll got to Zumba tonight or I might do the dvd. It's hot out there today.

I'm kind of debating going to the Stampede on Sunday as it's free entry before 9am. I'm still not 100% sure I want to go and subject myself to the smell of all the delicious but ginormously bad for you food i.e. deep fried oreo. We'll see I'm wickedly behind in my course work so I should dedicate myself to getting up to speed on that.

Alright that's all I got for now, hope your Friday is fantastic.


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