Thursday, July 08, 2010

You get what you put in

I think I've been in a parallel universe this week. I've been making bad food choices and trying to compensate with activity but in reality that's not giving it my 100% this week.

This morning while waiting for the bus I actually thought about skipping weigh in this week. I quickly stopped that thought. If I see a gain this week I'll know why. It's better to embrace it and learn from it then ignore it.

I don't know if it was part of my little wig out session when I hit a weight goal or just I've been crazy busy this week and letting my emotions make choices instead of my brain.

Today I worked for 13 hours and then waited 30 min for a bus home.  I got home close to 8pm and made dinner. No workouts today as it's a wee bit too late and I'm exhausted. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow and then watching the Stampede Parade on TV. I think I might make some whole wheat pancakes for breakfast in honour of Stampede. Then head out to buy my washer/ dryer.

This weekend I need to find some sort of Western wear. My entire city turns into Cowboys and Cowgirls over the next 10 days and while normally I do rather low key western ie. bandana, sheriff badge pin I was seeing people today that were far more put together.

I hope you all had a super fabulous Thursday.


1 comment:

carla said...

worked for 13 hours?!

you need a break.

a nap.

a massage? :)

have a great friday and a RELAXXXING weekend.