Thursday, July 15, 2010

One of the things that make you go "huh"?

I tracked Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I didn't yesterday as I had to sacrifice space in my bag and I was so busy I never logged in online.

I didn't track today either. How is it that when you're on plan it all can just flow and then something takes you off plan and it takes so much energy to get back on track.

Wednesday was a lot of fun at Fort Calgary's Stampede Round Up. I thought 3 Doors Down was awesome. Lynyrd Skynyrd rocked it out but I'm not so familiar with their stuff with the exception of "Sweet Home Alabama". I ran a block and a half to catch the party bus and I was barely winded (whoo hoo).

There were 17000 people all standing on a field at this thing. The major muddy parts were covered in hay. Which was fine until your foot sunk through the hay into the mud. Wearing my ballarina inspired Pumas was not the wisest choice. However it was also my first time to Fort Calgary and mistakenly assumed you'd be able to sit down. Oh no it was standing only from 4pm to 10pm. My feet hurt when I got home.

There was zip personal space as the night went on. Some of the really drunk people were super annoying. My 2 beer rule didn't happen as it did get to 4 (one before we got to the event), people kept handing them to me and it was hot and that was over a 7hr time frame. I wound up with a 5th one but didn't really want it so I wound up pouring it out. I did not want to be hung over today as I have so much to do before I head off to vacation for a week. Some of my co-workers just went all out and I completely lost count how many cans of cooler/beer were consumed. My guess on one person was about 10. What happens at Stampede, stays at Stampede.

Tonight I swung by the bookstore to get a few books (Dad has 2 tv channels), I then swung by Walmart to get a couple of things wihich included a new bottle of OFF for Dad's house (big ass bugs) and then I came home and mowed my jungle lawn it took me 90 minutes. It finally wasn't raining. I couldn't bring myself to weed the flower beds so that happens either tomorrow or Saturday morning.

Tomorrow's activiy will be housework so I come home to a clean house.

I hope you guys had a fabulous couple of days.


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