Sunday, July 04, 2010

Where did it go?

My four days off just flew by and I can't believe I'm packing my bag for site already.

Yesterday I had planned to make pizza and it was going to be prosciutto and asperagus which I've been reading everywhere lately. I got the pillsbury pizza crust and thought I'd try to do mini pizzas with it. It says to cut the dough to make 10 minis. Well that didn't go so well as the dough kept splitting where it's supposed to roll out into one piece. After 20min of wrestling with this stuff I finally tossed it and phoned Panago.

Saturday was now going to be a treat day and I at first guesstimated the points but later went back and figured it out. I was over by 7pts in my guesstimation, I was counting the pizza way higher than it actually was. That was a nice surprise. However it was a treat day and a bulk of the flexpoints were used so that means focus and diligence for the remainder of the week including today.

The dog went home this afternoon and we got a walk in this morning and then again this afternoon. She's pretty good it wasn't a whole of stopping and sometimes we got a good clip going. I wore my garmin for the morning but didn't for the afternoon. We did about 6K all together. I didn't do any of the other workouts I planned but I still have the week ahead of me and activity will be a massive focus.

No activity plan this week in terms of what I'll do on what day. The weather will dictate the activity but there will be something every day. Heck 90% of the time I'm making changing the plan anyway.

Now tomorrow is going to be interesting. We have a new flight schedule so I leave half an hour later than before and arrive home roughly 2.5 hrs earlier than before. I scheduled the cab to pick me up at 5am so we'll see how that goes. Tomorrow I don't stay in camp instead I drive to Fort McMurray (2 hrs), have dinner with a group I don't report to (but really want to and my presence was requested), stay overnight in a hotel room (they're paying for) and then drive back to site Tuesday morning (2hrs) to get on a plane at 3pm.

I'm not sure if the half hour later arrival will impact my normal breakfast of oatmeal on Mondays so I packed some in case. I plan to put together a lower point lunch as I expect dinner will be higher. The restaurant had their menu online plus they have a buffet. I'm thinking the buffet might be better as I can control my portions. I'm not packing workout gear as Monday will be one long freaking day but I will be doing some sit ups/ push ups in my hotel room as I did say activity every day. However by getting home on Tuesday earlier I should be able to now workout those days. The one drawback is I will now land smack in the middle of rush hour. Even if it takes an hour to get home from the airport that's still earlier than normal.

167 is my mantra this week.

Happy 4th of July to my American friends and I hope everyone else had a fabulous Sunday.


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