Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cats and Dogs

At site the sun was shining and it was probably in the mid twenties. We landed in Calgary and it was pouring. I got completely soaked going from the plane to the terminal and then outside to get my bag then run for a cab. I then spent an hour in the cab (in my soaking wet clothes) as we went bumper to bumper all the way home.

The minute I walked in the door I changed into dry clothes, popped open a chunky soup and put the pot on the stove. I wanted something warm for supper and I added a smidgen of chipotle chili powder and some freshly ground pepper. I then had some of my 50% less fat Real Dairy choclate ice cream with a splash of Starbucks coffee liquor.

I didn't use a single flex point over the past 3 days so I felt 100% o.k with using some tonight. The wretched weather also kept me inside so I didn't go to zumba. I had some work to do as well so I did that as I ate my dinner and now I'm quite content to countdown to bed.

I'm going to my one and only Stampede event tomorrow and that's a concert at Fort Calgary. I need to think of what to wear tonight as western is not my go to style of dress. The weather report says no rain tomorrow so that's a good sign.

My floor is hosting a stampede breakfast tomorrow as well. Really a gong show of a day I suspect. I will factor a few pancakes into my day tomorrow as this will be my only stampede breakfast as well.

I hope you all had a fabulous few days.


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