Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Tim Horton's rocks

It's not just the strangely addictive coffee, you see last year I bought myself a TimCard (reloadable) as I was tired of searching for change or having to use debit (service charges). Not to mention it speeds up the whole process as it's swipe and go. It got misplaced (probably in the bottom of a handbag somewhere) and I never really gave it a thought as I didn't go that regularly.

The other day I got a new one as I now go to Tim's daily for my two milk/two sugar coffee (3pts I refuse to give up) and breakfast on the weekends I have to work. Well tonight I decided to register my card so if it's lost I get my money back.

I had registered the old card as well but I know it's not lost well only lost somewhere in my house. At any rate I discoverd I could transfer the balance of my old card to my new card ($4.60). Awesome, that at least two more coffees. That just made my day.

Apart from that the day was alright got a fair bit done which means I may only have to work the morning tomorrow.

Saw another slight gain on the scale. I've been a runaway train lately and need to reset. Get back the mojo so to speak which I'm now once gain prepared for. Going back to day one. Which always makes me think of my favourite quote.

"I never look back, darling. It detracts from the now"

OMG, for dinner I had these amazing potatoe pancake type things that I bought in the frozen food section (look more like grated potato then a pancake) at Ikea. They're 1pt for two and I had them with a bit of tzatziki....delish I must say.
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

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Fatinah said...

can you post what brand those pancakes type thing were? I just love potato pancakes!!