Monday, August 03, 2009

I keep thinking it's Sunday...

My timing is off today probably from working the weekend, for part of the morning I thought it was Sunday.

Crazy storm last night with booming thunder and mega winds, I have 3 giant trees in front of my house and at one point I was just thinking "Please don't fall over". Only one flower pot got knocked over so not so bad. It is a bit gloomy today so I opted to stay home and take care of house stuff. I've put off grocery shopping today as I can raid cupboards for a few days. I want to lay low as I have no idea if I'll be working next weekend too.

I tracked everthing and it was ugly yesterday (Tim Horton's, Panago Pizza, Starbucks) so I was even more determined to keep today on track and I have 10pts remaining for the rest of the day - which is plenty. I have a handful of flex points for the rest of the week. I guess I'm following a bit of a Wendi Plan week.

Stepped on the scale this morning to take a peak and it's heading in the right direction. Saturday will continue to by weigh in day.

Cosmo channel is running a marathon of The Fashion Show, think Project Runway. I've got the pvr picking that up as weekday tv sucks.

Tomorrow might wind up being a buy lunch day as I didn't go grocery shopping but I'm going to plan out my day in advance tonight and plug it into the tracker. I think this will also help curb any office snacking as I strongly suspect something will show up tomorrow as it's the first day of the new week.

So far there's been Tim Bits, individually wrapped cheese - gouda, havarti and etc.(God Bless whoever picked the Baby Bell Light), a caramel chocolate cake, cheese ball, chocolate, chips, cheezies and a variety of pastries from Starbucks. Yes...the will must be strong in this place.

For those having a holiday Monday - I hope your enjoying yourself. For those who don't - hope your week is starting off well.



The Glitterati said...

Woah, that IS snackapalooza! I haven't had a Starbucks pastry since I read the stats on them... who knew one could pack so many things into a slice of lemon poppyseed loaf?! Good on ya for planning for it, that's definitely a lot of temptation.

Also, I request that this crazy summer weather be over already. Canada's gone topsy turvy. Glad your trees and home did not do the same.

Sonya said...

Timbits get me *all* the time! So small and bit-sized, but so lethal!

Hope you are well!