Sunday, August 23, 2009

I did see that coming

Saturday's weigh in resulted in a gain, I wasn't surprised so I'll take it as a lesson learned. Got out of work at a reasonable hour yesterday so a few of us went to go see Julie/Julia. It was great, Meryl Streep is a genius.

Worked again today and I have no idea when my next day off is at all but there is 3 weeks-ish left to go on this project so the end of the tunnel and a return to a more normal schedule is in sight.

Also have no idea when I'll next see a grocery store. Work brought in Saturday's lunch from Subway and today's lunch from Swiss Chalet. Tomorrow will be back to food courts and I'm heading to the salad bar at Sunterra Market. I need to get to the post office to pick up a parcel as well.

One of my co-workers said he'd thought we'd all be burnt out by now, well I did listen to 3 songs on my alarm radio before I got out of bed today. The crazy work hours are starting to wear on people. Mind you once in the normal work week it's not so bad, the weekends are getting tougher.

Alright my friends that's all I got for now, but I hope all of you in storms path are safe.


1 comment:

Enz said...

I loved Julie/Julia too.

I love your attitude about taking this in your stride and knowing that it is just a blip until life goes back to normal for you.

I don't know how you keep up with your crazy schedule!!