Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go

First let me say.....Down 4lbs.....whoo hoo.

I've got to say when you follow the program it actually works. I went over my pts and flex this week that just shows that I probably ate less calories this last week then the preceeding weeks. Though I did wind up doing a Wendi Plan sort of thing with high/low variations on daily pts. So this week I'm going to follow the Wendi Plan and see what happens. It's always worked well for me in the past.

Yesterday was dedicated to grocery shopping and I had meant to mow the lawn but it was still a wee bit wet when I wanted to do it so it can wait for tonight or tomorrow.

Did eat a low point day to off set the poutine fiasco of the day before. However today is my super high pt day ala Wendi Plan (scheduled as far away from weigh in day as possible of course). I will focus on real food as opposed to a day filled with junk. The trick is also to track everything and not have a free for all day.

I'm very leary of all the 2pt snacks out there when you read the ingredients and it's all junk. Just because it's low in points does not mean it's good for you is my new mantra.

Alright I'm off to work but I hope all of you have a fantastic Saturday.



S. said...

My favorite two point snacks are string cheese this recipe for sticky fruit and seed bars:

(Although I leave out the hemp seeds and used corn syrup instead of brown rice syrup because that's what I have).

Congrats on the four pound loss! That is an amazing loss!! :-)

Fatinah said...

wow - 4 lbs!! Awesome work!

The Glitterati said...

Wow, that's fantastic!! Way to go!