Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surprise day off

My work schedule continues to be a bit crazy. Monday was spent waiting for information and Tuesday was looking a bit like the same. We were then told that the pace would increase at the end of the week which will mean working Saturday and Sunday. I'm cool with that as we got to go home and take Wednesday off.

Being off early on Tuesday resulted in a hunt for an opportunity for a manicure. That didn't go well as no spots were available in the 4 salons I and T looked at. I did make an appointment for today and then cancelled last night. I own at least 6 bottles of OPI and it wasn't that long ago I had a manicure so I can change the nail polish myself. I'm saving myself $20.

Tuesday also resulted in not having planned lunch as I was running around and found myself very hungry at McDonald's. Not so smart planning resulted in using up the rest of flex pts. That's o.k I just need to be very very focused for the next 3 days.

The tough part is now doing what I wanted to do on Saturday on a Wednesday. When I'm not feeling weekendy. Does that make sense?

Woke up without an alarm at 7am today and then off to the grocery stor and the fridge is ready for healthy meals. I've got today mapped out and I know what I'm bringing for lunch on Thursday and Friday. For me to bring lunch it has to be something I'm excited about so I'm going to make a sort of turkey stroganoff.

I've stopped my grocery delivery service. It was great but when it came right down to it - it just wasn't ideal as I always found myself going to the grocery store to get what they didn't have. I had previously scoped out my grocery store's organic section and everything I love is available there as well. Plus when I re-start my travel schedule that completely changes what I need grocery wise.

I've now tracked perfectly for 11 days and half way through day 12. I walked to the grocery store and back today too.

I've created a list of rewards for every 5lbs on my journey to goal. Small things for every 5lb mark (under $10) and bigger things for the 10lb marks. Right now I'm 5lbs away from my first 10lb goal on my renewed WW journey and that's a workout tote from Lululemon, not a bag but a tote.

One day at a time is my new philosophy.


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