Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snack, snacky, snackiest

This is my work place right now, it's kind of like boot camp (not the fitness kind) more like dig in, head down and get'er done. Which means the snacks are getting out of hand and worse one's complete obliviousness to picking up said snack and noshing away.

It's ridiculous. Yesterday I bought a bag of chips for my team as it was late afternoon and no one was going home anytime, people from other rooms were sniffing about and got wind of the chips - they were gone in seconds. It's like a National Geographic special of some kind with a band of wolves descending of some poor creature.

The other day someone brought the 100cal Ah Caramel's and I had one unwrapped and half eaten before I knew what I was doing.

We've got this bizarre pace of crazy busy or hurry up and wait. The waiting part is killer because that's when you go looking for something to occupy yourself and why not eat.

Add in crazy hours i.e finished at 7:30pm yesterday, 6pm tonight - who knows tomorrow. Will be working all weekend again. So far averaging one day off a week and it's starting to wear a little. Planning is key right now. Last night I was washing dishes at 10pm.

The next time I can get myself to a grocery store I'm grabbing cherry tomatoes, carrots and some other types of bite size veggies. I will want to snack but if I have a healthy option next to me I will still have enough reason to grab the right thing. Stocking up on Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines might not be such a bad idea for the remaining weeks. Better than getting home late and eating your way through the kitchen as you try to think of what you'll have for dinner.

OMG I'm so psyched about the new season of Biggest Loser, in case you haven't heard there bringing previous contestants back again. I was watching Access Hollywood or something and they were interviewing a contestant who's the heaviest yet and I swear I saw Daniel from last season standing on the scale next to her. There going to the single competitor format (the original format) this season and I can not be more excited. I can't find pictures of all of the new cast to confirm who else might be from previous seasons.

Alright that's all I got for now.


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♥ Dee ♥ said...

YES!! I love Daniel and wanted so badly for him to succeed. I was PISSED at David for getting them voted off.