Sunday, August 09, 2009

The lawn is mowed

Yesterday I wound up going a few pts over my super high day due to lunch at a vietnamese restaurant. I guestimated on pt values and then got home and tracked down the real numbers. Couldn't plan ahead on that one as we were all going together and I didn't know where until half a minute before we left.

I must say this is where Daily Plate comes in handy. When the WW tracker doesn't have the item, I just pop over to Livestrong and find the nutritional value. They have a very impressive data base.

I've adjusted my daily pt goals to factor in Saturday so I'm still on track. Today was a normal pt day and I wound up having lunch at Ikea but that's what's so fabulous about WW is everything can fit in. I'm still on track.

I've already plugged everything in for tomorrow. Taking it day by day.

After a wee battle with my lawn mower I finally got jungle lawn taken care of and weeded the flower beds. Discovered the first foot of my lawn was already mowed????? A signal from one my neighbours? The lawn was shaggy not a foot long, I noticed one neighbour had a recently mowed lawn, perhaps they got totally into what they were doing and missed their property line?

Ikea was chance to catch up with my friend P who just returned from a month in Sweden. I picked up a bag of frozen swedish meatballs as a quick protein option (6 meatballs/5pts). I've ground turkey and pork chops in the fridge that I plan to make into turkey meatloaf and shake n' bake pork - also quick protein options for the week. I've got a fridge full of veggies.

I have a plan and I will stick to it.


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