Friday, June 01, 2007

Ahoy Mateys

Alright so I watched Pirate Masters last night and the jury is out. I'll watch it again to see for sure. I like the premise and think it's a nice touch to be able to have a mutiny and sabotage the opposing team. I think it might have been a dumb move to get rid of John during tribal council....I mean pirate something or other. The guy did have the compasses as his secret weapon and now they've left with him. I don't have to much faith that the dear captain knows his directions. I'm thinking the majority of the challenges will involve maps, compasses would be very handy indeed.

Also caught the Atlanta auditions for SYTYD, I'm happy that they're in Vegas next week and we can start the actual competition.

I finished watering my lawn but other than that didn't do much last night, which means I have loads of stuff to do tonight. I must prep flower beds, clean house and assemble my birthday cake. I'm choosing to make my own as I like this sort of thing plus I can make it exactly how I want it. I'm going to do a recipe I found on Kraft Canada. It's just an angel food cake cut into 3 layers. Then between the layers you put vanilla pudding (dry) mixed with crushed pineapple and cool whip. Top with strawberries. You can make it low point or high point depending on what you want.

I don't know what WI will bring tomorrow, I've had a goofy week. Workouts were not as they should be and eating has been better but not super fantastic.

I'm conscious of the fact that it's due to my lack of motivation but I'm turning that around. I realized I need to be more conscious of my self talk. I was reading the boards today and I saw one about The Secret. I loved the Secret and got tickets today to an event on Oct 24 that features a few of the philosophers featured in the dvd. I haven't watched it in awhile and find myself sinking into negative thought. I lent it to a friend and I'm hoping to get it back this weekend so I can renew my energy. I really need to visualize myself at goal, following the plan, finding all opportunities to becoming healthier. I especially need to visualize and focus on my fabulousness as this weekend I also need to shop for clothes.
So as the picture above I challenge all of you celebrate yourselves and know in your heart and your head that you'll reach your goals....and dance like nobody's watching :)


Sonya said...

I just saw Pirates too. I hadn't seen 1 & 2, and I was TRES confused.

Part of it could have been that i took the baby with me (it was a special movie screening for moms and babies)...but still - I couldn't follow much.

Like why did Orlando Bloom come back to life?

Rebecca said...

Sonya - I think she's talking about the TV show Pirates, not the movie. I have no idea why Orlando comes back to life - I didn't know he died! ~pouts~

As for lack of motivation, chicka, I think I have you beat.. it's been a tough couple of days for me - but today is Monday for both of us so I hope we get back to working on what needs to be done.

Have a great day!

The Glitterati said...

Ack! Did you miss the SYTYCD episode where BENJI (!!!!!) was on? His sister Lacey was auditioning, and he was her partner. Of course, he hammed it up for the camera, and threw fake hysterics about how HE was America's favourite dancer, and would always be! (How true!!)

Oh, I've been negligent on my posts lately, but Comment for a Cure is on June 4 - 6! Would love it if you and your readers would pop by and leave a comment to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society! :)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

First of all let me address the pirate question - Orlando took the place of Davy Jones who was sentenced by Calypso to ferry those who died at sea to their final resting place. Once every 10 years he can return to the present time. If you get a chance to see Pirates 3 again stay until after the credits an extra scene will explain alot.

I so missed the STYCD with Benji - I'm distraught. Did Sis get to Vegas?

Sonya said...

Sorry for spoiling anything for anyone who hadn't seen the movie yet!

And Cowgirl - you WERE referring to the TV Show, and in my mommy-brained state, I missed that. Sorry! Thanks for explaining. I did see the last scene after the credits, but maybe b/c I was distracted with the baby, I still didn't get it.

I missed SYTYCD too..bummer.

The Glitterati said...

Yep, you betcha... she made it straight to Vegas, no "test round" for other choreo needed. She's apparently the World Youth Champion for West Coast Swing and also for Latin dancing. Yeesh, that family!