Thursday, June 21, 2007

If I had those abs...

Busy busy evening pour moi yesterday. I was on a mission to mow my lawn. Got home, quick call to Dad who said my geraniums were doing well...that's the equivalent of being told I'm a genius. He nurtured those geraniums so the fact that I haven't harmed them in anyway is a major kudos.

I'm an only child during fall and winter, but in spring and summer I have siblings namely geraniums and tomatoes. He did give me advice on what to do with all the strawberries I'm now in possession of.

Well I mowed my front and back lawn with a quick visit with neighbour and his two adorable West Highland Terriers and watered above mentioned geranium. By the time I went back into the house it was 7:20ish and I still didn't have supper. I still had cakes to bake. So I whipped up one and popped in the oven, then had supper, then made second and then made Dr. Oetker cream pudding which is part of the filling. Whew! Cakes are now split and in the freezer, pudding in the fridge. Tonight I need to cut strawberries, make chocolate glaze and assemble cake.

Plus I have a dentist appointment this afternoon so I've budgeted in a milkshake for supper. I want something fast and drinkable that can be consumed on the way home. There are no smoothie places in my neck of the woods...strange I know.

Tomorrow I must lug cake to work on the olympic event I tell ya. Friday after work I have to attend a client bbq, I don't really want to go as it's the day before WI. I know I can make smart decisions but I sort of just want to pop in see if there's anyone I know and pop out.

Watched SYTYCD last night and wowsers does Lacey have abs. She's always wearing kind of bulky stuff but last night in her performance ...she's ripped. I was fading out by the 90min mark but I think everyone up until then did a pretty good job.

I was a bit sad to see a Calgary girl get knocked off Canada's Next Top Model. I think Tia or Cori will go next.

I will check out Pirate Masters tonight apparently there's a twist in the treasure...I don't see myself watching this until the end of the season but while it's relatively entertaining I'll check it out.

I heard on the radio this morning that Sesame Street is launching some new characters. Meal or no meal hosted by a Howie Mandel muppet. Amerian I - all about the letter I. Anderson Cooper will do something with a bit called GNN. I heart Sesame Street.

Ah yes, because I helped my colleague track down an R2 Patatoo for her son. She got me Spud Buds, it's a smaller Mr. Potatoe head with a carrot head and corn head friend. My hutch looks hysterical, I'm going to try to remember to bring my camera to work so y'all can see.

Have a groovy day!


Sonya said...

Mowing the lawn is really hard work! Do you shovel your own snow too? That must be insane on some days, esp. in Calgary!:-)

As for Lacey's abs - yes, they are crazy. What I would give to have a six-pack like that!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Oh yes I shovel my own snow, that I don't mind so much as the sidewalk takes up less space then a front and back lawn :)

The Glitterati said...

I don't know what is wrong with me these days, I keep forgetting that there are 2 days of SYTYCD on! Crap! I think I love the Jessie/Russian Guy pairing. It's unfair, b/c I always happen to tune in just before their routine, and then get distracted afterwards. But I guess that says something too... they look so great together.