Friday, June 15, 2007


Oy vey, when my alarm went off this morning the last thing I wanted to do was get up and go to work. Alas, I did and now the countdown begins to the end of the day.

My now good friend the plumber arrived at my house around 10pm only to discover that the transition from 1950 to 2007 needs a part that was not on the truck. I guess my water line is 2 inches too short for the new improved toilet. So now I wait until Sunday. The plumber is a total sweetie, he's been helping me via the on call. The earliest "booked via the office appointment" would be Wednesday. He told me to call him Sunday and he'd pick up the part on his day off if the shop didn't have it and we'll see if it can be done then. I think I've earned his sympathy. I did get an estimate invoice that's exactly the same price they quoted to me on the phone. I'm just hoping for a not so late night on Sunday.

H is going to come over on Sunday for a movie and flat out pizza night to check him out. He was a cutie :)

On the 8 guideline front 4 days down and on my way to 5. I'm telling you, when you follow the plan you see results. I weighed myself this morning at it said 173.5 now at WI that would translate to anywhere between 172-173 so hopefully I'll be seeing an over a pound loss. I'm gunnin' for the 160s!

Now on to Pirate Masters, of course there's a switch up on the 3rd episode when I was ready to give up on this show. Evil captain is demoted and nice guy is promoted. The only problem with that is will he be a boring captain? He divyed up the money equally between everyone and is focusing on a happy team. Sure that's great in an office or on a staff but this is a show where every week someone gets kicked off and it's based on pirates for goodness sakes. I'll stick it out for episode 4.

SYTYCD- That Lacey can dance, wowsers I'm impressed she just threw herself into that routine. Can't say I'm surprised on who got knocked off, but wow so much of this show is uncontrollable (partner/style/choreographer) so it's anybody's game. My good friend The Glitterati was probably uber excited about the appearance of Benji and his flashing his patriotic underwear :)

I will be seeing Ocean 13 this evening so I'll post on the weekend with my thoughts, I might squesk in Fantastic 4 too. I love summer movies.

Alright my friends, I wish you all a fantastic and safe weekend!


Sonya said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and a great WI.:-)
I'm dying to see Ocean's 13 - hope it was good.

The Glitterati said...

Nooooo! Can you believe I missed it?!?! I was running around that night, trying to get ready for The Boy's convocation the next day. Boooourns!

Thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, I've now seen it. Day-um that was some tight, curve-hugging patriotism! I have to go watch it again (and again, and again) now. :)