Thursday, June 14, 2007


Tada - 3 days in a row of achieving all 8 healthy guidelines and this morning I was 1.5lbs lower than I was on Saturday. I've got two more days until WI so I must tread carefully and not get too confident.

Mike Keenan is the new coach of the Flames or at least that's what the news keeps saying. I'm so happy about that, he's a tough love coach and that is exactly what they need. I really enjoyed him on Making The Cut, he always had the final say of who got kicked off and he always seemed to give good feedback to the players and kick in the pants when they needed it.

Decided not to fix the toilet and just have it replaced with an environmentally friendly low flo one. Called the plumber yesterday and I guess they've been swept off their feet with all the flooding repairs. He told me to call him tonight on the on call and perhaps we can take care of this tonight. He said if I coordinated through the office it would take until Sunday because the book for regular hours. Heck after 6pm works for me because I don't have to take time off work. If it takes until Sunday so be it but I'm really hoping for sooner.

H will come over and hang with me if it does happen tonight.

Walked home from the mall last night but then got caught up with coordinating all this business. Tonight will entirely depend on if the plumber can make it.

Made plans with A to see Ocean 13 on Friday and we're both going to go home to have dinner and no movie treats whatsoever.

I'm so focused on Saturday!

Have a super fabulous day everybody!


Living to Feel Good said...

OooooOOoo have fun tomorrow at the movies! I always find once the movie starts I don't need any treats. It's when I get there early I want one. You can do it!

CaRoLyN said...

Let us know what you think of the movies!! Stick to the no movie treats! It's hard when you have 100 other people sitting around you ALL eating junk but you can do it!! You will feel so much better afterwards1!!

gingerbear1974 said...

Hi Cowgirl Warrior,

I love your blog. I'm a fellow WW'er and I was raised in Calgary too. I live in Nevada now, but I have enjoyed reading about home through your blogs. Maybe we went to school together. I went to James Fowler, graduate in 1991.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Hi Gingerbear,
Thanks for dropping by. I've been to Las Vegas quite a few times but that's probably the extent of my experience with Nevada.
I graduated from Western Canada in 1990. But hey you're an ex-pat, I'll make sure to add Calgary news into my posts.