Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Planning is key

I need to grab hold of my inner chef and plan my meals better. Yesterday was good during the day. Went to Walmart on the way home, didn't find the top I wanted (lesson learned when you see it just buy it). I did find a different top but way not work for work. As I was wandering down to the sunscreen aisle I found the rolodex laptop holder.

Since becoming a member of the ergonomic commitee I've become obsessed with laptop holders. I still have a desk top but about 10 of my colleagues have laptops. I've been hunting for the type that will suit everyone one and not freak out my boss in terms of price. This holder is just under $30 at Grand & Toy and under $20 at Walmart. So I bought one to test it out.

Then I went to Safeway to get capers, the swiss farmer bread (very pts friendly), hummous, mini whole wheat pitas and some light cheese.

Then I walked home and it was hot lugging the not so light metal laptop holder and my groceries and my bag. Had I thought ahead I would have brought my back pack. At any rate by the time I got home I was tired and hungry but had no plan for supper. So I snacked my way through supper - had some hummous, some cheese, some farmer bread that lead to a bananan cut up with light ice cream on top and caramel sauce.

Sufficite to say the day did not go well. This is snack a palooza week for me thanks to hormones and I know I can over come it. Where I failed yesterday was not having a plan. Well that was yesterday this is today, and I have a plan today. I've written everything in my tracker and I'll check it off as I go through it, this includes water. It's never too late to shake off a bad meal or bad day. Really my day wasn't bad, my supper was. None of that matters today.

Shake it off I say and renew focus.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes :) Have a groovy day!


Rebecca said...

I had a day like that on Monday, it was horrible.. snacking and snacking.. but Tuesday was a fantastic day for me thanks for your squash idea!! Thanks again.

Alea said...

I'm late late late... But I still wanted to send you very happy belated birthday wishes!!! :)

marie said...

sorry i missed your birthday! glad you had a wonderful day :)

i've been flying by the seat of my pants with meal planning too this week and ended up having dim sum buns and salad for dinner last night so i understand the snackapalooza all too well!