Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday and a new challenge

I'm so happy to hear that others have had run ins with Dibs, yes they are evil and it's truely evil to put 2 servings in a small container. Alas, we are now forewarned.

Thanks to those who support the idea of my doing a talking blog, you'll have to help me figure it out. I might pick up a web cam this weekend.

I was at my friend H's house on Saturday as she prepared to run in the Underwear Affair (an run dedicated to bringing attention to cancers below the waist). Her mom joined weight watchers that day and H stayed for the introduction with her at the meeting. We got to talking about motivation and following the plan. Of course the meeting topic that day was a questionnaire on how your doing with the plan. You were to rank your answers from 1-5, 1 being totally disagree and 5 being totally agree. The questions were like "I am losing weight at the rate I should be", "I track all of eating in my tracker"; well I came to a quick realization that I can talk the talk but I'm not walking the walk. It really brought home that if you follow the plan it works, if you kind a sorta follow the plan you get kinda sorta results. I know for a fact the plan works. I stayed the same at WI, which I was happy with but next week I'm going to see a loss dang it!

Well we came up with a challenge that we gave the group we both belong to on the message board. It's called the 56pt challenge, H did it in her meeting a while back and found it really helpful.

The goal is get all 8 healthy guidelines in each day ie. water, fruits and veg, 2 servings of protein, 2 servings of milk, whole grains etc. So 8 guidelines x 7 days = 56. We issued a challenge to our group that for everyday they can do a minimum of 6 guidelines, we'll enter their name in a draw and on Labour day they could win a gift certificate to amazon.

I needed something that just didn't focus on pounds but rather the right behaviours. It starts today so I'll keep you posted.

Tonight my plan is to walk home that's about 10K give or take, dark thunder clouds keep sweeping and sweeping out. I'll keep a careful eye on the weather as I won't be walking home if it's raining, I'd walk home if it was just rain but not thunder showers. The last part is a hike up a dirt road and mud is just not part of the plan not to mention being a walking target/lightning rod. If it can't be done tonight, I'll do it at some point this week. If I don't walk, then some other workout will happen instead...perhaps Walk Away the Pounds 4 Miles.

I hope everyone has a groovy Monday!

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