Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things I just don't get

1. Nutritional information that indicates a serving size that doesn't make sense ie. NI based on 250ml but container is 350ml.
2. People who don't check the weather and find themselves freezing while waiting for the bus home.
3. Why blechy weather makes you want to snack
4. How people can over think anything
5. Why there seems to be more new food product launches of things that are bad for you as opposed to healthier.

Well the good news is the blechy weather is gone and I can go get camera batteries tonight. Yesterday I had an altercation with a bag of mixed nuts so I had to dip in the flex points.

It was a mish mash day food wise, I think I didn't have protein when I needed to which is hopefully fixed today.

I've been so tired lately and I know it's weather related, I actually napped during the news last night. There's something about the air pressure when thunderstorms role in.

Not a whole lot going on at the moment, looking forward to the long weekend coming up. Yeah Canada Day! The weather reports look really good as well so that's promising.

Do you ever feel like you know you need a vacation, a chance to recharge your batteries? I think that's what I'm feeling. I need to go drink some water.

Have a great day everybody!

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