Monday, June 25, 2007

Storms a brewin'

Feeling sore today, I did not stretch enough by far. It's kind of neat to feel just how many muscles are impacted by a long walk.

What I forgot to mention yesterday was how touched I was in my ww meeting this week. Last week I had told them I was doing this 56pt challenge by focusing on the guidelines not the weight. A woman in my meeting turned to me and said thanks to you I'm done 2.4lbs. I was gobsmacked, it's funny really I certainly appreciate what I learn in these meetings I just never thought I had anything to contribute.

Tonight I will once again attempt to put my talking blog on, I think my file might be too big. All this hinges on my getting batteries as well and there are thunderstorms forecasted for this afternoon. If that happens, it will have to wait for another day. I also need to pick up flat outs as I have some veggie pepperoni.

I irritate myself with how I'll buy stuff at the grocery store all inspired to make a meal with it and then when it come to doing it. I wimp out and make something else. Well this week that won't happen. I have great food in my fridge and I want to make delicious point friendly creations.

For lunch over the next few days I have spaghetti squash puttanesca with turkey bites added in for protein. For supper it will either be a small steak or pork loin with steamed asperagus. I'm trying to get those guidelines in :)

I love how you rediscover old favourites. The other day I bought all beef top dogs - there two pts each. Then with a piece of whole wheat bread I can still have a hot dog.

Not too much exciting to report today, it's been an off feeling today I suspect it's because of the looming storms. It's like it makes your bones tired.

I will endeavour to have a far more upbeat post tomorrow.


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Living to Feel Good said...

Can't wait to see your talky blog. Make sure it's under 10 mins, and it's saved as a .mov file. I found that out real fast with youtube.

What a nice compliment that lady at your meeting gave you. I would feel so good knowing I helped someone. Awesome! :D