Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Santa Fe Salad is the devil

Went to check out my friends new condo yesterday, she took possession yesterday and I wanted to share in her excitement. It's in a beautiful area, surrounded by trees and gorgeous path ways. She's got a super deep tub, I'm so jealous.

Time wore on as we waited for her Dad to come and check it out, so we decided to go for dinner afterwards at Earl's. Usually I have the Thai noodle salad because I know it's 11pts. I saw these really delicious looking santa fe salads go by and decided to have that....21pts. Of course I looked it up after I ate it but wowsers once again a salad masquerading as a Big Mac. The good news is the salad was chock full of good oils (avocados too) as opposed to the Big Mac. Miraculously I was down .5 this morning...go figure.

I didn't get the opportunity to swing by Walmart to get camera batteries but I will tonight. I'm also going to look for the current Runner's magazine, the cover says something about a 5K plan in 6 weeks.

I plan to walk home from the mall and then do an hour of yoga as I can already feel the effects of not doing it for awhile. Laundry and washing dishes are also on the agenda tonight. As is Canada's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance :)

I was totally excited about this Canadian kitchen ware website I found called I ordered a muffin top pan (looked everywhere for one of these babies), a really cool adjustable measuring scoop, toaster bags (make grilled cheese in the toaster without oil or butter) and a corn zipper (pictured) on Monday, it got here today. This thing shipped from Ontario to Alberta in 2 days. Got to love that I tell ya. I'm gonna zip me some corn tonight. I get super excited about kitchen stuff...can you tell :)


Living to Feel Good said...

Okay when you get that toaster bag for grilled cheese make sure you post pictures and blog about it because I find that very how the hell would that even work?!

Sonya said...

Never heard about that chef site! I'm going to check it out, thanks.:-) And it's right in my province.

As for the big mac disguised as a salad - lol. But you're right - better that there were healthier fats. Avocado, mmmmm.

Yay for the 0.5lb!!!!

Happy Canada Day, Cowgirl!

You still up for a shopping trip to TO sometime this year?

Sonya said...

Okay, so this is the deal:

I'm heading back to work at the end of December, and would loooove to buy myself a new wardrobe. I think you'd be a fabulous shopping companion!:-)

I'm going to be starting a 100-day challenge next week to work towards my goals.

Maybe we could make it around November-ish? With all your yoga and marathoning, you're going to be at goal waaay before me!;-)