Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fix it gal

2 days down of completing all 8 healthy guidelines, stepped on the scale this morning and saw a very nice number - not sure why but that will encourage me to stick with this and see what happens on Saturday.

Activity last night was walking home from the mall (15min) and 50min of yoga. It's so weird how you can see improvements fairly quickly. In forward fold my hands were actually touching the floor.

Today I'm wearing an OM pendant and someone asked me if I practised yoga. I said yes I do and I figured today would be an OM kind of day...see next paragraph.

I get to attempt to fix my toilet tonight, the water runs continuously in the tank, not the bowl so I think I need to replace the inner workings. I asked a co-worker to recommend a plumber and he said you can do it yourself in 10min for $20. I'm used to home repair, heck I can install a faucet so I don't think this will be too much trouble. I turned off my water last night because the sound drives me crazy and left it off today-heck I'm not home and continuous running water in the tank makes me nervous. I could have just turned off the valve attached to toilet but I discovered this late last night and I live in an older house so I didn't want to monkey around too much. I'll try to do that tonight too so I can actually use water. I'm dropping into Walmart again to pick up the parts, I should seriously buy stocks in that company.

Of course this morning I was thinking I needed a plumber and while thinking about how much it will cost I also tidied up my house. So that's one good thing. I talk to my Dad tonight and who knows he may offer to come in on the weekend and help me out. I would like to fix it before then.

Thanks to Sarah for mentioning that a digital camera might work for a talking post, I think my camera has that I'll look into that.

Only in Calgary I tell ya - 5 degrees when I left the house and when I go home it will be 19. This is why we all own 15 different jackets.

Alas, I hope everyone has a groovy day!

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Living to Feel Good said...

Can't wait to hear how your healthy guidelines thing is going, and I am so glad to hear that seeing some results is keeping you inspired and motivated! Keep it up! :D