Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How time flies

Wowsers I can't believe it's Wednesday, the last two days have flown by.

Monday met H and J for a fabulous dinner at a vietnamese restaurant. I splurged a little on spring rolls but they were soooo goood.

Yesterday I had to pick up the ingredients for the next birthday in the office. The birthday is on Friday but I want to bake the cake tonight and then assemble tomorrow. I have dentist appointment at the end of the day tomorrow to replace the last few silver fillings so I just want to have easy peasy stuff to do after that. I also seriously need to mow the lawn tonight, I fear if I wait for the weekend it will be jungle lawn.

Food wise has been good, was tempted by a donut yesterday. I'm proud of myself for stopping at one as they were right outside my office and I could see them all day. I checked my Canadian dining out guide and picked the lowest point one I could find. So there was method behing my madness.

Got home yesterday and found tomatoes, cucumber, peaches and strawberries on my kitchen counter. Ahh Dad was in town. I guess he cleaned out my downspout and left the ladder behind. Of course my first thought upon finding this was ...Damn the house isn't all that clean and organized. It's a German order thing. Of course there's nothing like reverting right back to being a kid and thinking you're in trouble. I was so expecting a lecture of some sort - my Dad likes to lecture, it's the desire to impart wisdom sort of thing. Alas he was impressed that I had cleaned the storage room. I'll be talking to him again tonight so we'll see if he takes advantage of the opportunity to share wisdom. Now I have a ton of strawberries, I might need to bake something, hey I have rhubarb I could make pie. Of course I'll give these pies away :)

I just barely got 8 guidelines in for Monday and Tuesday, we're talking just scraping by. The focus for the rest of the week will be to solidly achieve all 8 guidelines. I bought lunch on Mon and Tues since meal planning was sketchy during the no water days. Last night I was doing laundry and thought why should I buy lunch again. I have chicken and veggies. So I tossed the chicken in a bag with this awesome Cuban Garlic Lime marinade that's a Safeway house brand - very low in points. Tossed some cut up eggplant, red pepper, baby potatoes, baby carrots and asperagus in Light done right Italian dressing. Put the veggies on a baking sheet lined with foil, put the chicken on after it had marinated for 20min. Put in oven at 400 for 45min and tada roasted chicken and veggies. Measured out the chicken to 3oz servings and evenly distributed the veggies. 4 meals at roughly 4 points each. The meal cooked while I folded laundry.

It was an excellent example of multi-tasking I tell ya.

Have a groovy day everybody!


The Glitterati said...

Yowza, you are a goddess of self control and multitasking! That dinner sounds so yummy, must look for this marinade, although Safeways apparently doesn't exist in Ontario.

I find myself wanting to eat as much asparagus as humanely possible... it's everywhere, and it's all so good. Haven't done it w/ chicken yet, what a great idea!

Living to Feel Good said...

How sweet that your dad left you goodies!

Congrats on the loss this week. What a fantastic loss!!

Glad you enjoyed Ocean 13. After reading last week that you were going to see it during the weekend, I looked it up on cable to see if 12 was on demand, but they took it off already. I really need to see the second one soon. Then maybe I'll go to the movies. Next week I want to see the new die hard.