Saturday, April 07, 2007

But the brakes on

Up a pound this morning, can't say I was surprised and I definitely think the 10km power walk on Friday had an impact. I'm not beating myself up, I'm just going to start back at week 1 and make sure my portions haven't gone out of whack. None of my clothes feel tight so I think it maybe also due to muscles.

My friend was in town today so we went to see Blades of Glory. This is definitely a funny and silly movie. She actually went to to the WW directly after my regular meeting so I stayed for the second meeting. The first meeting was packed with regulars and there was a lively discussion about Easter treats. The second meeting was pretty empty and I found myself contributing more to fill in the silence. I definitely prefer the first meeting. We went grocery shopping and I picked up the ingredients to make a ground pork whole wheat lasagna. I'm just going to wing it and add zucchini and mushrooms to the traditional tomatoe and onion. I also picked up what I need for the potluck on Wednesday...hopefully...I always forget something.

Tomorrrow is a weird day for me, while everyone celebrates Easter it's also the 5th anniversary of the day my mother passed away. She was very ill at the time and I know she's at peace and happy now. I think I'll spend some time going through the photo albums and reflecting on happier times.

I do hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter holiday.


Sonya said...

Have a great Easter, Cowgirl! And way to go on that power walk. I love you just walk 10k like it's nothing.;-) You rock.

The Glitterati said...

Hugs CW! Hope you have a nice Easter, that lasagna sounds very yum!