Thursday, April 26, 2007

Down 0.8

I'll take it, it's my first loss in a few weeks of staying the same. Now I have 9 days until next WI to keep it going. Of course today has been goofy food wise but that's o.k. That just means no dilly dallying this weekend. It will be OP. With a dentist appointment on Saturday and training with H on Sunday that won't be difficult.

Literally ran in and out of WI but I think I saw Shirls sitting in the front row. The weigh in lady congratulated me on my total of 20lbs lost, I was like huh?. Then I realized she did the math wrong, that would be 30lbs. I had to fix my book when I got back to the office. Since I was not feeling so well last week I thought I'd have to give up two coupons but today was registration for the price of one weigh in so I just "re-registered". Technically saving myself $15.

It looks like our transit is getting closer and closer to a strike so I need to unearth the bike from the shed this weekend and I think I'll set up my patio set as well which means raking the patio area. There that will earn a few extra APs. I haven't been on a bike in a long time but I think it comes back. I hope it comes back.

I was wicked tired when I got home and landed on the couch, started watching Keanu Reeves and Denzil Washington in a Shakespeare movie, of course the title escapes me now but it was entertaining.

Alas not too much going on today, doing some retail therapy with H after work today so that will be nice.

Have a great day everybody!


Living to Feel Good said...

Congrats on your loss!! They all add up , so WOOHOoOOOOoo!!

Glad I inspired you to pick up the magazine. Hahaha. Hope you aren't disappointed with it.

Living to Feel Good said...

PS. Like the coloring of your rockstar hair! :D

dinah34 said...

congratus on your loss!

the movie is much ado about nothing. i haven't seen it in years, but it's a fun movie.

Cara-bellum said...

Hurray for the loss! I really hope transit doesn't go on strike again, it was such a big pain for the whole city.